Founder and Managing Director of IBC’S SERVICES INCORPORATED.

Master in Corporate Law, Applied Business Law and Corporate Governance, Financial Decision Making and Corporate Secretariat Practices.

Responsible for the general management of the company as a Barbados corporate service provider with high standards of quality service, adapted for international businesses based in Barbados and around the world. With an extensive knowledge of the commercial and cultural needs of the client, providing efficient and dynamic corporate services, focused on the market demands of Latin America and other jurisdictions, considering the obligations imposed by local and international regulators in the face of the challenges of money laundering and terrorism.



Office Manager. Assist the Manager Director in any other duties related to Spanish speaking clients. Liaise with clients and other providers, bank, agents in Barbados and overseas. Maintains office services by organizing office operations and procedures; preparing licenses, annual corporate tax and accounts, payment of suppliers, assist clients with opening bank accounts & wire transfers. Also assists in maintaining office staff matters, by recruiting, orienting and training. (Human resources)



Secretary and Administrative Assistant. Creation and maintenance of filing systems. Performs routine clerical and administrative duties before the Registrar of Corporate Affairs and Ministry of International Business. Maintain files, prepares documents, schedule of appointments, and supports other staff; controlling correspondence and registry.



Senior Marketing Representative based in Caracas, Venezuela. Responsible for maximizing the company’s LATAM marketing efforts while considering the needs, traditions, and cultural differences within the region. Prior to her role in IBC’S Services Inc., she was the Ambassador of Venezuela to Barbados.



Collections Representative in Caracas, Venezuela: Plan, arrange and execute the procedures and actions of collections of pending payments to the company under the supervision of the general management, and accounts management with the main objective to collect payments of delinquent clients.

Representante de Cuentas Bancarias en Caracas, Venezuela: Offer and manage the opening of corporate accounts for interested clients, and liaise with the different banking institutions. Liaise between the client and bank by providing all necessary requirements and guiding the clients in order to facilitate a smooth and expedite process.  Referral of clients to the banks, and offer high quality and personalized service for new and existing clients.



Business Advisor and Representative of IBC’s Services in Miami and LATAM. Venezuelan corporate lawyer, certified foreign legal consultant in Florida USA. Represents IBC’s Services in FL with regard to provision of services in the said jurisdiction. Verification of due diligence, compliance and documents prior to proceed with incorporations.



Economist.  Collections Representative en Caracas, Venezuela.  Provides Support with regard to the logistics and follow up in the procedures and execution of receivables of the Company in coordination with the General Manager, with the aim to obtain a satisfactory negotiation with the clients, assuring that there are not outstanding obligations of the Companies based in our portfolio.