Legal & Corporate

» Continuance of Companies in Barbados
» Discontinuance of Companies in Barbados
» Dissolution of Companies
» Continuous updating and provision of information regarding changes in the legislation and news related to the international business companies in Barbados
» Formation of Captive Insurance Companies
» Issuance of legal and corporate documentation
» Name Searches and Reservations
» Incorporation of entities in Barbados, Panama., Uruguay, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Singapore, Netherlands, St. Lucia, Nevis, Belize, BVI, Seychelles, Samoa, Spain and others
» Company Formation in Barbados and other Jurisdictions
» Assistance to appoint local attorneys when needed
» Provision of Corporate and Legalization Services
» Provision of Nominee Directors
» Provision of Nominee Shareholders
» Provision of Registered Offices
» Registration of External Companies in Barbados.
» Ship Registration under Barbados Flag
» Trademark Registration
» Trust Formation
» Assistance in Conveyance and Property Acquisition in Barbados

Finance, Banking & Accounting

» Provision of assistance in the appointment of local audit firms
» Establishment of Bank Accounts
» Provision of “in-house” accounting services
» Provision of the filing of tax returns

Real Estate

» Assistance in real estate and setting up corporate offices in Barbados

Corporate Management

» Company Management
» Provision of Corporate Secretarial Services
» Translation Services
» Recruitment Services
» Provision of virtual offices
» Establishment of telephone and fax lines