We are a Barbados based registered Company established in 2008. We are an experienced service provider of Corporate, Management, Accounting and Legal services for International Business Companies from Latin America, North America, Central America, Europe and Asia.

We provide Company Formation in all offshore jurisdictions including the Caribbean, Latin America, Central America, North America, Asia and Europe. We also work with global clients on establishing Offshore Bank Accounts.

Our standards of service are based on the market demands imposed by globalization and the competitive nature of the financial services industry. Therefore, our focus and primary vision is to provide a highly personalized and efficient service to all of our clients.

Where are we heading with ESG?

Article extracted from: www.int-comp.org   We should all be aware of the impact of humankind on our planet: climate change is here, its effects are exponential, and it is causing – and will continue to cause – an existential human crisis. The evidence is plain. We cannot deny the situation exists. But why is it […]

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